Newsday Tuesday: Not all contractor scams involve stealing

For today’s Newsday Tuesday I want to highlight a story about a form of contractor scam that isn’t the

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“takes your money and runs” type

of scam. When a salesperson (in any field of business) convinces you to buy something or invest in something that you don’t need, or doesn’t work for you, then this is a type of scam. In this article the BBB warns against homeowners who buy into solar paneling on their homes (which can cost as much as $60,000!) because a contractor convinces them to do it, even though it’s not needed.

I am all for doing things to green up your home, and finding cool and interesting ways to save money, but solar paneling can take a lot of work and cost a lot of money without seeing the benefits of it. There are literally hundreds of other instances where you might be going out and shopping for something and a salesperson will try and upsell (industry term) you to a “better” (and more expensive) product. Selling things to people that they don’t need is just as much stealing money from them as grabbing their wallet is.

Whether it’s solar paneling, a “better” water heater, or a “more efficient” HVAC system be sure to be on your guard when purchasing a product. Make sure that the pros out weigh the cons, and that the investment it takes to install a newer and better model will pay off in the end.

Build (and buy) safe out there.

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